Review: „Web Development with Node and Express”


Node book done well

Web Development with Node and Express is the third book I’ve read about Node since 2012. Last two books were mediocre and I had quite high expectations this time.

The core of this book is building fictional website for Meadowlark Travel, a company offering services for people visiting the great state of Oregon. First two chapters cover basics about Express and Node, then in third chapter starts development of Meadowlark Travel web application. I started project from scratch and I was adding features according with material presented in consecutive chapters. I was typing most of the JS code provided in book. This way I run into some issues with typos but I had also some problems with newer versions of libraries used in book. I’m familiar with managing dependencies in Node, so I figured out which libraries I needed to downgrade. Book may contain some typos so be watchful and check errata.

At first order of chapters seemed to me a little bit chaotic, but after reading all of them they are good chunks of bigger picture. Chapters: 4 & 5 introduce good practices like version control system & quality assurance. Later, chapter after chapter, are introduced other topics like: template engine (handlebars), cookies, sessions, middleware, sending email, REST API and many more. It’s worth noting that most of the topics appears in daily work.

To sum up, Ethan Brown did good job in writing Web Development with Node and Express. He covered many topics & provided solutions to real-life developer’s problems.


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