Review: „JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual”


Manual for beginners

JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual consists of 17 chapters (+ appendix).

First part skims the surface of JavaScript – it is gentle introduction to programming in JS. I really like author’s explanations and visualisations of simple concepts like: variable, statements, conditions, loops.

Afters basics of JavaScript journey with jQuery begins. After introductory material there are real-life examples of jQuery usage: photo galleries, navigations, forms with user friendly validations and some more.

The book is quite verbose and if you’re familiar with a bit of JavaScript & jQuery then I recommend other books (e.g. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide). If you’re taking first steps in web development and you want to start with programming in JavaScript, that’s the book for you.

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I review for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program


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