Review: „JavaScript: The Good Parts”


Learn how to use the good parts of JavaScript

Javascript: The Good Parts is another book related to JavaScript I read from O’Reilly Reader Review Program.

After more than 1 year of experience I tackled many problems covered in this book. Author did a good job to point out good & bad parts of JavaScript. Book as a whole is great overview of JavaScript as a programming language — after introductory chapter, author covers: grammar (with nice railroad diagrams :-)), objects, functions (with important topics like: callback, closure, scope), array, regular expressions, style and more.

I have to admit that I browsed Chapter 8 because it is documentation with some examples for methods.

Actually after all those chapters, the most intriguing are appendices: A (Awful Parts), B (Bad Parts). Most of them I am already familiar with, but it is good to be reminded.

After longer experience with JavaScript, this book is nice overview.

So if you need more thorough book about JavaScript, I recommend you JavaScript: The Definitive Guide,

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I review for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program


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