Review: „JavaScript Design Patterns”


Patterns in JavaScript developer’s life

I read several books about JavaScript, many articles. This time I decided to go through Javascript Design Patterns.

Books consists of 2 „parts”. First 6 chapters are mostly introductory. They are answers for following question: what is design pattern? when should I use patterns? what is good structure of design pattern? when and how should I write my own patterns? what can I learn from anti-patterns? Then, there is part about design patterns. I really like Addy’s approach in book:  every pattern has diagram (to visualize concept), code (to see real implementation), more examples (when pattern has some „flavours”), references (to read more), discussion (about advantages and disadvantages).

Especially I like chapter about MV* patterns. It gave me more insights about structuring JavaScript applications.

If you are writing a lot of code in JavaScript/CoffeeScript, I recommend this book to you.

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