Review: „RESTful Web APIs”


Good reference book

In my current project I use JSON heavily as representation when „talking to” servers. I decided to read that book and possibly get some insights how design better APIs.

First three chapters are reminder how HTTP works, its semantics a protocol and what exactly REST stands for. As an example authors use simple microblog service. Consecutive chapters cover hypermedia, the collection pattern, the design procedure and much more.

From my perspective the most interesting part (& most useful) were chapter devoted to the collection pattern and discussion about minimising semantic gap. From my developer’s point of view: using consistent, well-defined structure for JSON responses can simplify parsing and it’s easier to manage.

What I miss in this book are more complex „real-life” examples. I like academic discussions but I like practical examples more 🙂

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I review for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program


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