Review: „The Modern Web” By Peter Gasston, No Starch Press


Good overview

Web is changing: new technologies, frameworks but also new devices for browsing Internet.

The Modern Web: Multi-Device Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript is interesting book  informative but often author barely scratches the surface. In Introduction author describe multi-device world — Internet of things. Consecutive chapters are devoted to technologies mentioned in subtitle: HTML5 (structure, semantic markup, microformats, microdata), CSS (media queries, RWD, viewport-relative units, new layouts: Flexbox, Grid Layout, Multi-columns), JavaScript (async, defer, selectors, device APIs). From my perspective last two chapters describing Web Apps & the future of web are especially interesting — e.g. Web Components bring some concepts from programming craft: decorators, templates, mixins.

Big advantage of The Modern Web book is that at the end of chapter there is further reading section. Author provided source code of examples on:

My rating:

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