Review: „Lift Cookbook” By Richard Dallaway, O’Reilly Media


Practical Lift

I’ve written many web apps in many framework and languages (Sinatra, Rails ⇾ Ruby; Snap ⇾ Haskell; Play! ⇾ Scala; Mochiweb ⇾ Erlang). However, Lift was not-so-easy to grasp for me.

Lift Cookbook is very practical book. Author covers the most basic & used aspects of web apps (HTML rendering, form, Ajax, REST API, connecting to SQL & NoSQL databases and more). Material is presented in question-answer (+discussion) form. Author provided set of repositories on Github as working examples.

Book is well written. Examples work. That’s how good cookbooks should look like.

My rating:

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I review for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program


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