Review: „Functional JavaScript” By Michael Fogus, O’Reilly Media


JavaScript more functional

JavaScript is multi-paradigm programming language. When I started adventure with JavaScript, it was mostly imperative language for me. Later I learned about prototypes and callbacks. Experience with functional languages like Erlang, Clojure helped me appreciate functional way of solving problems. I was intrigued by title: Functional Javascript when I first saw the book.

Book contains 9 chapters. In introductory chapter author presents functional programming as an assembly line transforming data into final result. In consecutives chapters he shows how to build any particular piece of assembly line: first define some first-class functions, then understand variables scope and closures, then use higher-order functions and finally define function-building functions. It was valuable lesson for me to remind closures, think more about composing functions to solve problems. In chapter about recursion I learned about interesting concept called trampoline – it is a control structure which flattens out recursive calls.

Book is well written with good sense of humour. There are many examples, author clearly explains them and his motivation why he tackled problem in specific way. Functional JavaScript is nice mindshift and exploration into functional world when reader can write software with elegant API using functional approach.

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