Review: „HTML5 Canvas” By Steve Fulton, Jeff Fulton, O’Reilly Media


Good reference book

I’m not new to canvas and before reading HTML5 Canvas I was curious what new I can learn.

HTML5 Canvas is good book. It is good reference for canvas. It provides examples about drawing shapes, texts, raster images e.g. from PNG, JPEG. There is nice JavaScript library: Box2DWeb for animating physics & drawing it on canvas. There also examples how to mix HTML5 video and canvas. Two chapters are devoted to canvas games. Authors implemented Geo Blaster and Micro Tank Maze.

Book covers canvas really well, but examples need to be polished. Every author writing about technology which draws/presents stuff should prepare good-looking examples. It’s much more pleasant to learn by eye-candy exercises.

PDF version of HTML5 canvas has 749 pages. I’m not sure whether it makes sense to include full listings when code is available as a separate archive to download.

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