Review: „ZeroMQ” By Pieter Hintjens, O’Reilly Media


Comprehensive guide to ZeroMQ

I heard about ZeroMQ some time ago but recent circumstances convinced me to dive into this technology. I am familiar with „message passing” as a form of communication. Curiosity won and I dived into ZeroMQ…

Book has two parts: „Learning to work with ØMQ” & „Software Engineering Using ØMQ”.

In first part author presents basics, socket and a lot of different different patterns. Examples are quite easy to grasp, many of them are continuations of others or they are different approach solving particular problem.

Second part covers more advanced stuff (advanced architecture, framework for distributed computing). I really like chapter devoted to ZeroMQ community — it contains tips how to handle open source project, choose good license, make life easier for contributors, etc.

Book contains a lot of code written in C, but feel free to check this repository: There are examples written in many different languages. I really like author’s sense of humour, grasping different concepts is much more pleasant if written in funny, entertaining way.

If you interested ZeroMQ, that’s book for you.
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I review for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program

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