Review: „Blender Master Class” By Ben Simonds, No Starch Press


Blender — good to know

Recently I started 3D animation course at my university and I started learning how to use Blender. I decided to take a look into Blender Master Class book.

After introductions to Blender and GIMP authors covers consecutive steps how to create „The Projects” from a scratch. Author presents and develop three projects through the book: The Bat Creature, The Spider Bot and The Jungle Temple.

Blender Master Class was hard for me to follow because of many „manual” things to do. For things like 3D modelling, screencasts seems to be more approachable.

I treat that book as a really good Blender reference and documentation. I learn a lot about possibilities of Blender (e.g. sculpting, hair and particle system, lighting, texturing, materials and so on).

If you are new to Blender, please take a look first at:

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Product page:

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