Review: „Jump Start Sinatra” By Darren Jones, Sitepoint


Simply good

I use Rails for many projects, but Sinatra is my framework of choice for smaller projects. Why not learn more about it? 🙂

Jump Start Sinatra consists of 7 chapters. Here’s in brief what is going on in each of them:
Chapter 1 — nice, fast introduction to Sinatra, several examples with routes and handlers.
Chapter 2 — songs by Sinatra; views/templates/layouts: ERB, Slim; Sass, mixins
Chapter 3 — DataMapper
Chapter 4 — configuration, first deploy on Heroku
Chapter 5 — helpers, flash, pony, admin extension
Chapter 6 — CoffeeScript
Chapter 7 — modular Sinatra apps, asset middleware

Author did a good job. He clearly presents Sinatra in action and explains how it works. I like the choice of an application to write — it is simple and good enough to show features of Sinatra. Examples (part of application) are useful, ready to apply in real projects. I am glad that author covered modular way of writing Sinatra application.

Jump Start Sinatra is well-written book and fast to read 😉

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