Review: „Testable JavaScript” By Mark Ethan Trostler, O’Reilly Media


Test Your JavaScript

I am web developer and write lot of code in Ruby, but several months ago also vanilla JavaScript gained my attention. I decided to take a deeper look at tools and approaches in testing JavaScript.

The beginning of Testable JavaScript covers whys, whats & hows of testable, maintainable and understandable code. After that, there is the chapter about complexity and possible solutions to make code less complex. Serious testing starts from Chapter 4.

Testable JavaScript gave me overview of available tools. If you interested in testing JavaScript, check these projects: CasperJS and PhantomJS, Jasmine.

I guess the most interesting stuff for me was performance testing. It is really valuable to know how fast your page is loading or what part of code is taking too much of execution time.

Testable JavaScript is written in a good solid way. Some part may be less interesting, but it is worth knowing about available solutions for specific problems concerning JavaScript.

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