Review: „R Graphics Cookbook” By Winston Chang, O’Reilly Media


R in practice

Several years ago I used Mathematica a lot. It has one of the best documentation I’ve ever seen. Recently out of curiosity I went through Try R course at CodeSchool. It covers mostly syntax, so I decided to take a deeper look at R in practice.

R Graphics Cookbook covers a lot of stuff. There are many different kinds of graphs/plots (I learned some new ones, e.g. Clevaland Dot Plot). Author points out techniques to make graphics easy to read and understand data behind visualization. There are tips for using a colorblind-friendly palette. Book is really well prepared – almost every code snippet has a corresponding figure. It really helps to compare results (it may vary, depending on R version).

I guess the most interesting chapter for me was Chapter 13: Miscellaneous Graphs. It showed me how powerful and mature is R as a software for visualizing data.

If you interesting in R and visualizing data, that’s the book for you.

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