Review: „Building Node Applications with MongoDB and Backbone” By Mike Wilson, O’Reilly Media


Could be better

Node.js is quite promising technology and for some time I’ve been trying to take a deeper look at it. Title Building Node Applications with MongoDB and Backbone looked good for me then I started reading…

What’s in the book?
Part I contains 4 chapter — they are introduction to Node.js, Backbone.js and MongoDB. Part II is the meat of the book — reader can implement social network app. So far, so good. I like the idea — it’s a hot topic recently to build real-time single page applications.

To understand Node.js better I typed every block of code starting from Chapter 5 but after some pages there were times when I got lost and I just didn’t where put the code. I found some help with code samples for this book.

I don’t remember any screenshots of working application. It would be much easier to control progress at some points that way.

I think that lot of potential got lost. The idea of application is good but book was written in hard-to-grasp way for me.

My rating:

Product page:

I review for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program

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