Review: „See What I Mean” By Kevin Cheng, Rosenfeld Media

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Doodling for fun and profit

I didn’t like art classes. Every painting, drawing, etc. should have looked as real as possible. It doesn’t matter. I have to admit I was curious about content of See What I Mean.

What’s in the book?
In first chapter author nicely introduces why comics can be useful tool in your work. Second chapter covers properties of comics and how to experiment with different parts of a comic to achieve particular effect. I really like approach from third chapter: „You Don’t Need to Be an Artist”. With author suggestions, I started doodling and doing exercises from book and it was fun 🙂 Simple shapes, simple techniques and I can draw different emotions, silhouettes. Chapter 4-6 focuses on using comic to present product (example: Square credit card reader). After several steps your comic is ready. Chapter 7 shows some reference materials, software and online tools. In my spare time I’m going to check out How To Draw It further.

After reading it, I am positively surprised. There are lot of comics. Every chapter contains comics at the beginning — they gave first grasp what you read later in chapter. See What I Mean changed the way I thought about comics. It is approachable and powerful way to express ideas and it is worth to add to personal toolbox.

No matter what your profession is, I recommend you to read that book.

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