Review: „Jump Start CoffeeScript” By Earle Castledine, SitePoint


Adventure with CoffeeScript

I like learning new programming languages and trying new technologies. It took me some time to take a deeper look into CoffeeScript even though it is available in Ruby on Rails stack since version 3.1.
Jump Start CoffeeScript is written in interesting & entertaining way: you are taking part in „7-day HTML5 Game Jam-a-Thon Challenge (TM)” with your teammates. Every chapter is one day when you learn CoffeeScript and write game for the challenge.

I have a mixed feelings after reading that book. On the one hand: book covers aspects & features of CoffeeScript; author nicely introduces to game programming and HTML5 stuff (such as Canvas API, audio tag). On the other hand sometimes I got lost during typing the code. It wasn’t quite clear what indentation use or where exactly type the code. There are some errors (typos / misleading filenames) in book that stopped me for a while and I have to use code sample.

I can recommend you that book.

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