Review: „Jump Start Node.js” By Don Nguyen, SitePoint

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Node.js for novices

Several months ago, I took a look at Node.js. Recently, I decided to get to know JavaScript and related stuff better. Beginning of Jump Start Node.js looked promising: test-driven development, interesting examples, fetching remote data, connecting Node.js with MongoDB. The goal of the book was to write Nockmarket — application with different features. Around Chapter 4 it started getting worse. I expected that book show much more about Node.js in action. Seriously, if I want use Twitter Bootstrap then I take a look into documentation. Author shows password encryption with MD5 algorithm and warns that is considered as a weak mechanism for storing passwords. It would nice to see better & complete solution with e.g. bcrypt.
In Chapter 6, author writes about Backbone and use it in Nockmarket. I don’t see purpose of introducing Backbone in book with Node.js in the title. I’m much more interested in Node.js ecosystem and tools. Chapter 7 covers some production issues. You can skip Heroku section and find much comprehensive documentation on Heroku pages.
To sum up, this book can be good enough for novices but if you’re experienced web developer probably you’ll dive into documentation or other resources.

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