Review: „HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps” By Wesley Hales, O’Reilly Media

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Building web apps with HTML5 & JavaScript

I am interested in the latest technologies and solutions so I decided to broaden my horizons by reading this book. Author did a good a job to show the latest concepts/solutions in HTML5 & JavaScript. Big part of this book covers The Mobile Web (e.g. fetching, caching, network type detection, device orientation and others). Author seems to be a very aware developer — he points out issues on different devices & platforms. Across the book there are many practical code examples. In „The Desktop Web” chapter author presents top five JavaScript MV* frameworks. Unfortunately, I found some code examples hard to set up and test. They need better instructions how to do that without wasting too much time. Author mentions a lot of useful frameworks/tools when he describes particular HTML5 API.
Wesley Hales wrote in Preface: If you’re a developer aiming to write lightning-fast, HTML5-driven applications, as well as to understand how the server interacts with today’s newer client-side concepts and technologies, then this book is for you.. I agree with that. If you’re beginner, learn JavaScript first 🙂

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