Review: „ClojureScript: Up and Running” By Stuart Sierra & Luke VanderHart, O’Reilly Media

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Functional Programming for the Web

I’ve got previous experience with Clojure and I was really curious about this book. Authors did a great job to get ClojureScript up and running. Book is relatively short but it covers essential things about ClojureScript. The compilation process and use of Google Closure Compiler are well explained. Book also goes through basics of ClojureScript and authors point out some differences from Clojure. Authors shows tools/plugins which are useful in development process such as leiningen or REPLs (Clojure REPL, ClojureScript REPL or Browser REPL). ClojureScript: Up and Running is clearly & well written. I really enjoyed reading that book. I really recommend that book for programmers that have previous experience with JavaScript and functional programming (based on Lisp-like languages).

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