Review: „Killer UX Design” By Jodie Moule, SitePoint

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Insightful UX design

It is vital to understand how technology can enhance the human experience… [Killer UX Design, Jodie Moule]
As a programmer/developer I decided to get to know UX design better by reading this book. The beginning of Killer UX design introduces what is UX, covers different aspects of experience (e.g. usefulness, usability, aesthetics) and puts reader in the User’s shoes. Chapters 2-8 describe consecutive phases (Research, Insight, UX vision, Concept and Design) of case study: creating Recipe App. I really like this approach, it’s much easier study real problems and use gained knowledge later. Some presented in book research activities (e.g. interview in user’s home) don’t convince me and might be hard to apply in some projects. However insights related to those activities remain valuble. Author presents and encourage to use different useful tools and techniques (e.g. affinity mapping, wireframing, sketching, prototyping) which can be applied in non-design context as well. If you interested in UX design I can recommend you this book.

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