Review: „Building Web Applications with Erlang” By Zachary Kessin, O’Reilly Media

buiding web applications with erlang

Good book to start building your Erlang web applications

Book covers a lot of aspects of web development. First chapters are really good overview of Erlang features, scalability & NoSQL databases; introduction to Yaws: how it works, how to extend it by using appmods. In one of chapters author show how to implement REST to manage simple airports list. Next chapters covers very useful & valuable things: file upload, web sockets, streaming. In one of appendices author mentions about other Erlang web servers and web frameworks.
Book is really good, however there are some things, in my opinion, that need some improvement. I’ve got some experience with Erlang, MochiWeb and Chicago Boss, but I found some Yaws examples not-so-easy to use. It would be much easier if there was more specific information where save all those files in directory tree.

If you want build your web applications with Erlang, this book is really good position to begin with.
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